Arunachala Animal & Rescue Shelter update


When the Arunachala Animal Sanctuary first opened there were well over 5,000 homeless dogs (maybe even 6,000 or 7,000), and the population was out of control. There were between 250 and 500 suffering and dying animals on the streets-mostly dogs and puppies, but monkeys, cows, birds, and others, too. Problems included rabies, broad spread abuse, no small animal vet within 70 kilometers and no facility for treatment.

It took nine years of focused, devoted effort to get to the incredible situation that exists now. Each year you could see the changes in the community. It happened steadily, and gradually. The homeless dog population is decreasing for the first time in forty years and has been for the last four years…and it’s rabies-free. There are at least 9,000 fewer puppies born each year, almost all of whom would have suffered and died. There is no more widespread abuse. And the animal/people relationship is transformed.

But it’s not a static situation. If at any time, now or in the future the shelter went down the awful situation would return. SQ Foundation has been a major contributor and has provided funding which has helped the Arunachala Animal Sanctuary thrive. The needs of the sanctuary are growing as they take in more animals, you can help meet these needs by donating to SQ Foundation today.

Dogs at Arunachala Animal Sanctuary and Rescue Shelter

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