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Shona King, the founder of the Collective Sensory Group, recently sent an update on how
the SQ Foundation’s donation to her organization has impacted their work in the Wexford,
Ireland community. She shares the following: “Derek O’Neill’s guidance and the
donation from the SQ Foundation gave us the confidence that we needed to really open
our doors to so many families in need. We found ourselves in a situation that we didn’t think
was possible for a small community group. We have been able to work with local and
national groups in the fight for services for special needs children in our community. In the
past 12 months we have been able to provide on average 92 therapy sessions per month to
families in desperate need, and have also been able to provide parental support for all of these
families. This simply would not of been possible without the SQ Foundation believing in us
and believing in our vision and ethos. I am enclosing testimonials from some of our
families and groups that we work with so you can see the impact our work is having on our

Recent feedback from several parents in the Wexford area for the Collective Sensory
Group (CSG):

One family with two developmentally delayed children report that they had waited seven
years for Occupational Therapy to be provided through the Health Service, but CSG was
able to help them almost immediately. One child was able to improve her motor skills
and balance, and is now able to ride a two-wheeled bicycle. Her confidence has soared
and she is able to cope with the rigors of secondary school. Their other child, a two year old,
has received assistance with speech and language skills, and has greatly benefitted from this
supportive and caring environment.

Another family, with two autistic boys, had a similarly frustrating experience with the
Health Service’s long waiting list. They were delighted with the fast and friendly response of
CSG, offering them the help and support they needed. After 18 months of using the service,
they report:
“We will forever be in your debt for the positive changes you have made in our family. Autism
is no longer dreaded in our house, it is understood and embraced. We want you to know that
your hard work, long hours, and total dedication is making a difference. Keep up the good
work; you are making Wexford a better place for all of our children”.

Other parents heard an interview on a local Wexford radio station, and were both
surprised and delighted to hear there was a local place that catered to their
family’s unique needs. Having now used the service, they stated their experience has
been “absolutely fantastic” and are full of praise for the staff. They said, “The staff care so
much about every child that walks through their doors. Everyone is greeted with the biggest
smiles, which makes it such a relaxed environment for all the kids.”

The CSG still relies massively on the expertise and huge heart of Shona King, who is one of
the group’s original founders and assessors. Shona is behind much of the group’s
fundraising efforts in addition to fulfilling her professional duties. It’s fabulous to see the
difference that this service is making to families who face significant challenges every day.

The Collective Sensory Group can be contacted at:
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  1. Hello,

    I am wondering if there are any groups like this in Kilkenny City?

    Kind regards

    Lynda O Rourke

  2. Hi there Lynda,

    Thanks for your question. There is an email at the bottom of the post that you can try, I am not sure if there is something in Kilkenny. Sorry we couldn’t be of more help. The Collective Sensory Group can be contacted at:

    All the best,

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