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During his 2014 Walking with Empowerment Tour, Derek O’Neill (SQ Foundation Co-Founder) shared the story of 100 street children in India in need of our assistance.

Derek has always said that when he first saw the street children of India, his heart opened and he realized his mission. From that moment on, he made it a personal commitment to do what he could to assist and ease their suffering. SQ Foundation is that commitment in action.

Through the generous donations of tour attendees, the 100 children Derek spoke of were sponsored through 2016. We are now asking that you continue your support of these children for 2017. The SQ Foundation pledged our continued support of these children to Mangalakara School in India on a yearly basis. Our goal is to continue to bring hope, nourishment, shelter, and education in an environment that provides an opportunity for these children to thrive.

A $500 donation is the equivalent of sponsoring one child for an entire year, all levels of donation are welcome and support the children directly. Every dollar counts for their basic needs to be met, and exceeded, as we have added a college now which opened September 21st, 2015, and we are in the process of adding more dormitories also.

Please help us continue to reach our goal of yearly support by continuing your generous donations from last year. Also, please share this page on Facebook, Twitter, or other websites that will help to bring awareness to these children, and the work of Derek, Linda and the SQ Foundation.

In gratitude,

SQ Foundation


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