Ethiopia Project – Story of Hikma & Rawda

This is the story of Hikma Dino, another child that was helped by SQ Foundation”s Ethiopia Child Sponsorship. You can help children just like Hikma by donating today!

Hikma Dino is nine years old. She lives with her mother Rawda and her brother, in a small rent house. Her father passed away when she was one. Rawda was taking Hikma out of school because she couldn’t afford to cover her school expenses. Often the family did not have enough food for days, and had no family help. Rawda gets leftover vegetables and sells them in a small street market of the village. She earns a very small amount of money to pay house rent and to feed her children. Through the SQ Foundation support, Hikma is able to stay in school. Rawda is now being trained as a seamstress, so going forward she can support the family.

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