Ethiopia – Linda’s Dream

SQ Foundation has been committed to continuing Linda O’Neill’s dream of bringing hope, education, and opportunity to 200 families in need in Ethiopia. We are pleased to announce that, with your help, since then all 200 families have been lovingly supported and the program continues to be a great success!

To support the ongoing needs of these Ethiopian families through 2016, SQ Foundation has to raise $44,000 by end of June 2016!

The program provides a child with a entire year of school, including school fees, supplies, uniform, and health care, while also assisting that child’s family with a portion of the costs of food, lodging, and other basic necessities for that entire year. This vital program dramatically lessens the pressure for a child to drop out of school to help financially support their family.

We appreciate each and every donation. Thank you for making a difference!


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