Ethiopia – message from Assegid

Message from Assegid, the director of the Ethiopia project:

“When SQ Foundation began to support us in Ethiopia through FIDA there was an incredible improvement in the life of the disadvantaged people in Ethiopia; mainly in the capital city Addis Ababa. One of the projects is called The Child Sponsorship program, where 200 impoverished children (111 boys and 89 girls) are supported. In addition, SQ has been able to fund vocational training and startup capital (cash) for 75 women (single mothers) to establish their own small business, and to empower their family income as the direct beneficiaries. In general, SQ Foundation’s grant directly benefits 275 people. 748 people are indirect beneficiaries (the direct beneficiaries’ family members.) In total, 1023 community members are being funded or utilizing services from the SQ Foundation.”

FIDA kids stretching

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