Ethiopia Project – Story of Edomiyas

Here is one story of a child that was helped by SQ Foundations Ethiopia Child Sponsorship…

This story is repeated in many families in this remote village…
Edomiyas, the youngest of three children, lives in a warehouse at the store his father works in. Alemeshet, his mother, said her child wouldn’t be in school without this program, he would be out on the street begging money for the family’s survival as many other children are doing. His mother has severe eye problems, so can only farm a few chickens in their small compound. His father works at the store and looks for jobs at construction sites. Edomiyas hopes to complete his studies soon so he can make money to buy a house for his brothers and parents…he is eight. Fifty-five cents a day / $200 per year, is enough to keep Edomiyas in school until he IS big enough to get his dream.

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