In Full Bloom

There is a popular quote from William Wordsworth, “Your mind is the garden, your thoughts are the seeds, the harvest can either be flowers or weeds.”

Your mind is the perfect foundation to bring to life to any manifestation you choose. How do you make your garden grow?  You plants seeds and nurture them. Whatever seeds you place in the garden of your mind are the creations that will come to be.  Seeds planted by our conscious minds into the fertile soil of the subconscious mind will create more of what you want in your life.  Use this guided meditation whenever you wish to connect your heart and mind, and visit your garden of life.  Take turns reading this with a friend, or record it for ease.  After you read it through, you’ll be able to quickly remember this exercise to experience its powerful simplicity time and again.

Take a moment to remove distractions, get into a comfortable position, and take a three deep, relaxing breaths.  On the third breath just close your eyes, and continue to breathe deeply and slowly.  Now, as you rest here with your eyes closed, bring your focus more deeply inward.  And as you do, let yourself relax and let go. Let yourself begin to drift down into a deeper state of relaxation.  There is nothing for you to do, nowhere for you to be, just allow yourself to be restful and calm, and continue to let yourself relax as you feel yourself relaxing more deeply, going down, down, down, into a deeper state of relaxation. E very breath you take you feel more and more relaxed. And as you relax, it’s important to understand that your sub-conscious mind is incredibly powerful, and tapping into it gives you access to a powerful source of creative energy.  Your subconscious mind knows exactly how to create what you tell it to, and it can help to bring a goal, dream or an idea into reality.  So keeping that in mind, I’d like you to imagine now a garden. This is your garden of life, and you are its gardener, empowered to design it any way you want.

Imagine now you are standing in front of the garden, eager and ready to attend to it. You can create anything you wish.  Take a moment now and decide what would you like to cultivate more of in your life. What are you ready to let go of?  Visualize yourself now entering your garden with this conscious intention. Take a moment now to look around. What do you notice?  Is your garden big or small?  What does it look like? What does it feel like? Your garden contains within it, every area of your life. You look around and begin to see these areas clearly. You notice all the many areas within this garden.  You can see your health and well-being, dreams, goals, career, relationships, family, abundance and finances, physical environment, creative pursuits and spirituality.  Take a moment to see and smell the many flowers already in bloom and be grateful. In a moment, you’re going to begin walking through each area in your garden.  As you walk through each area, you are becoming aware of how satisfied you are with each area.  And you are noticing that your awareness is bringing you information in the form of subtle sensations, notions, pictures, symbols and insights about each area.  Grateful for this awareness, you joyfully set out to act on this information, and use it to attend to your garden.  You have access to everything you need to make every part of this garden look and feel exactly the way you want.  Just take a moment to notice how easy and joyful it is, to be in charge of your garden.  And just notice now how peaceful and comfortable this feels. In this state, in any moment, you can bring your attention wherever it is needed.

You will begin to visit each area one by one. Go to your first are now, noticing which area you visit first. Imagine now that you start by carefully considering all the factors that will affect how your garden will grow — weeding, soil, sunlight, seeds, water, love— and the balance and space between plantings of each life area. And you are now in the first area of your garden and will give it all the attention it requires.  If there is something you don’t particularly like, just change it.  Take a moment to notice what needs cleaning up. Eliminate any weeds, letting go of anything that you no longer want to see in that area.  Pull any roots and clear away debris.  Now, with clean up done, notice the soil.  Get down on your hands and knees to run it through your fingers.  What color is it?  How does it feel?  Is it dry?  Does it have a smell?  Do whatever needs to be done to make this healthy, fertile soil. With this fertile ground, begin to plant new thought seeds of pictures of the future, to create more of what you want in this area of your life.  More of what you wish to see.  Water those seeds with love.  Watch as sun is becoming brighter and the water mixes with your loving energy for the most resilient, beautiful blooms to come.  Know that these planted pictures will come to life in vibrant color in perfect time.

Take a moment to walk through each area and continue this process, one by one, until every area of your garden is vibrant, colorful, healthy and full of promise.  This is your garden, so take your time to ensure you design it just right.  Make the colors even brighter and make the pictures just right.  Take another moment and see if there’s anything else you would like to add to make this a beautiful, vibrant place to visit, and add it now.  Notice how good your garden looks and feels now.  Let those positive feelings fill your whole body and enjoy how inspired and peaceful you feel.

When you are ready, open your eyes and enjoy your feelings of peace, confidence and empowerment, knowing your creative gardening work is done, and allow yourself to release the garden from your mind. And, in moments of relaxation, you know you can bring to mind this garden at any time.