Irish Autism Action

SQ Foundation is proud to support Irish Autism Action. Currently, statistics show that 1 in 110 people in the world have autism. Irish Autism Action works to provide vital support and bring positive change into the lives of those affected by the condition. IAA is a young dynamic, innovative and passionate organisation formed in 2001. Their range of services includes awareness raising, early detection diagnosis, education support, advocacy, counselling, helpline, home based support, transition planning, social housing, and advice for families upon receiving diagnosis.

In order to get the intervention the child and their family needs, the following has to happen: get children suspected to have autism diagnosed, identify an early intervention plan, activate services to help them with speech and language, provide support to the families, and identify an appropriate education plan for the child. Getting early diagnosis and intervention will maximise the potential of the child, and reduce the dependency on the parents and overall cost of lifelong care.

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