Glasses & Eye Tests for Kids In Need

SQ Foundation is proud to sponsor Giri with Linda Universal Vision (LUV) van. Giri goes to the schools in rural villages and the ones we support in Puttapharti. He tests the childrens vision and makes glasses right there for them. This helps them in school and in life. In the outlying villages he also tests the adults in the village who cannot afford to get into the city to get their eyes tested or pay for glasses they need for work.

He has done this for all of the 300 students at Mangalakara, and for the college students as well. He has tested the other schools we support such as Sri Sai Prasanthi school in Puttapharti, Derek O’Neill Home in a outlying area, and RLDS children in rural area’s north of Puttapharti.

They also do bloodwork at the same time as part of the medical checkups we do with all the children.

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