Love from the Heart

Often when we hear of love we think of the love that excites us rather than the love that binds us.  The love that excites us is usually centered around an intimate relationship and has a lot to do with more second chakra energy and lust than love.  Its temporary, fleeting and although can last awhile, it ultimately is doomed as we find another person to excite us.

The love that binds can be explained in many ways but a real visceral experience of this love is the love of a mother.  The love a mother is one that usually binds a child to her as she nurtures it physically, emotionally and spiritually.  Then as the child grows those roles get rearranged to more emotional, than physical and finally she would become more of a spiritual mentor relating her wisdom to her adult child and his or her children.

This love is unconditional in its giving and selfless in its receiving. Its a love that comes straight from the heart, straight from the heart chakra. This center is directly connected to Source and when it is pure becomes the Sacred Heart by which all negativity can be transmitted into light or the Prema Agni.

That is why it is imperative that we continue to wash ourselves of lower based desires and the things like anger, hatred, jealousy..etc.  These energies bring us back down to our lower energy centers away from the Oneness of the heart.

Let Valentines Day be a Victory for the unconditional and selfless love of the heart.  Let it envelope all your relationships with forgiveness and love, not just for you and your intimate partner.  Let it be a day for the ones you don’t love rather than the ones you do.  Let the Oneness of this kind of love exercise your heart into the righteousness of the Law of One.  That exercise bringing you closer and closer to your Sacred Heart, the heart that only sees, hears, and feels the Oneness of Love, the Love of Source and All this Is.