LUV On The Road

Linda Universal Vision (LUV)

Named after Derek O’Neill’s late wife, this project is dedicated to bringing better vision through full eye care services to poor and impoverished people in the outlying villages of Puttaparthi, India, who have no local eye care practitioners and limited means for basic needs. During his recent trip to India, Derek spent some time with Girikonda, our local LUV van driver and ophthalmologist, and also paid a visit to a remote community and school.


It is always such a wonderful gift to spend time with the children in these communities. Their eyes shine brightly despite challenges in their lives. They are eager to learn, to share what they have and are very grateful for the eye care testing, medication and glasses SQ Foundation provides. Bringing full eye care to these communities brings much more than vision, which alone is an incredible gift so many take for granted. The LUV project brings confidence, hope, and greater ease for these communities and #OurChildren to build a better life through education.  Simply, vision enables children and adults to navigate the world around them and read necessary books to pursue and obtain education. LUV / Love really is everything.

Thank you to all those who give to this cause, these are the lives you are impacting.