Mangalakara Degree College

SQ Foundation supports The Mangalakara Home and Education Centre, which provides 300 orphaned children with a peaceful, secure, and stimulating environment in which to live and learn. It contains excellent educational facilities, science labs, a library and 3 playgrounds as well as residential dormitories.

All the students are from below the poverty line; the majority of them have a driving ambition to obtain good qualifications and careers that will enable them to achieve, not only their own dreams, but also to help their families escape from lives of poverty and ill health. And now with the new, fully accredited Degree College opening, those who have the potential are able to advance, and have the wide-reaching opportunities offered by a Degree College education.

Since the launch of the Trust, over 1500 young men and women who have attended the Multi Skills school in Mangalakara have been placed in reputable employment. Young men and women from the poorest of the poor villages are now able to stretch their horizons and not only find work that develops potential but also provides them with an income enabling them to support their families.


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