Mangalakara – Girl’s dorm

The SQ Foundation has been helping support the 300 children at Mangalakara School and Home for Underprivileged and Orphaned Children for several years now. We also helped build a Higher Degree college there which opened in 2015. There are 623 girls studying at the Degree and Junior Colleges, in 2017 that number will increase to approximately 800 Girls, when we progress to third year Degree Students.

In most cases, these girls are the first women in their families to have not only achieved higher education, but more importantly, been encouraged and supported in it by the women in their families who never were given the opportunity to go to school beyond 7th grade. This will, and is, making a big difference in these rural communities as the women who graduate will now be able to find work and help support their families and elders at home.

The challenge currently for the female students is that many of them live in remote villages which are quite a ways from a main road where the college buses pick them up. They walk alone unescorted and this can be dangerous for young girls living in these outlying areas. Also, when they return from school they are left alone and unprotected until their parents return from work. The families asked, and were promised, dormitories for these girls traveling by bus from the farthest outlying areas so they can stay at the college where they are safe, and also have electricity at night to do their studying.

The SQ Foundation could really use your help raising the money needed to build a Girls Dorm, kitchen and dining room which will accommodate 150 girls. We also continue to support the children we have been helping for the past several years at Mangalakara School through our Empower A Child program. We are committed to 100 children at $500 per child, which gives them a home, food, clothing, medical care and an education for one year.

Please donate at: Thank you for any help you can give the children.


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