Mangalakara – Story of Hope

Here is another heartwarming story shared with SQ Foundation about the children from Mangalakara. Changing their lives would not be possible without your help.

A girl ten years of age was brought last year to Mangalakara, the school in India the SQ Foundation supports, which also is a home for underprivileged and orphaned children. Her parents, first father then mother, passed away and as the police were there to take her to a home like ours, her “aunties” showed up to claim her. The police asked the scared girl if they were her aunties and she answered yes so they handed her over to them. Later an off-duty policeman heard some commotion on one of the public streets and found the girl being auctioned off to the highest bidder, the bidding was at 1500 rupees, about $22 when it was ending. She would have been used as a slave, or however those who “purchased” her chose to use her.

The policeman took the little girl to Mangalakara and they welcomed her and set her up with all she needed – clothes, books, medical care, etc.. She was very withdrawn and traumatized from her experience and was not able to interact with the other children at all. They were going to have her tested for possible autism as it seemed she was unable to communicate with the teachers or children.

Derek was asked to speak to the students at the new college we opened last year, and of course he always visits with all the children when he is at Mangalakara. Ruth, the Director at the school, asked him if he could talk with this young girl. He sat and chatted with her for about an hour. Recently Ruth related to us that over the course of the six months following, she gradually started interacting with the other children, and Ruth was amazed the other day to see her going around all day with a smile on her face, and she was quite happy being with the other children and playing in the yard.

Ruth just had a birthday and the children made cards for her, and the card from this girl had a bride and groom on it as a signature from her along with her name. When she asked her about it, she said “Uncle” Derek had told her that one day she would be married to a nice man and have children and be very happy. In other words, he gave her hope, the hope of a happy life. She had lost hope and had given up on life based on her experiences in only ten years of her life.

The SQ Foundation gives children hope for a better life, not just a place to live, an education, food, and medicine, but Hope. Your donations not only provide the basic necessities for the children, they let the children, adults and elderly know that there are people who care enough to reach out and give them a hand up…and in doing so, the hope of a better life.

During the 2014 tour, Derek made a promise to 100 children we rescued, who were being physically and sexually abused on a daily basis, orphans who were living homeless on the streets of India. We took them to Mangalakara and promised we would support them during their school years. It is called the Empower A Child program. We continue to support these children and ask for your help with this. Thank you in advance for your Gift of Hope.

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