Prevent Childhood
Prostitution & Begging With safe housing and education

Supporting Single Mothers

Friendship for Integrated Development Association (FIDA)

In many parts of Ethiopia, children are forced into child labor, prostitution and unsafe working conditions or abandoned all together. Single mothers are most at risk, as many lack the education necessary to find employment that allows them to be self-sufficient. Financially supporting single mothers and families in need reduces the risk of children being sent into these harmful conditions. Our mission is to bring hope and prosperity back to these communities by providing food, shelter, healthcare and skills training. This gives women the opportunity to support their families, while their children receive food and education.

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Safe Homes & Education for Children

Mangalakara Education Trust India With your help, hundreds of orphaned and under-privileged children, ages 4 through 18, whose families cannot afford to feed or educate them are safe and loved. Since the launch of the Trust, over 1500 young men and women have been placed in reputable employment. Mangalakara offers excellent educational programs for kindergarten, middle-school, high school and college students with a full-accredited university. This year we hope to complete college dormitories to support 150 young women who  travel long distances and are at risk of travelling alone.

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Because Of You, We've Touched Thousands of Lives In India

Creating Hope Through Education

SQ Foundation funded the construction of the ‘Linda Prema Hall’, a multi-purpose structure that serves as a dining hall, an exam hall, and a space for singing, cultural events and drama programs. The school encourages the children’s love for singing, dancing and drama as helps them to build the much needed confidence that they often lack when they first arrive at the home. Watch the Video