Arunachala Animal Sanctuary & Rescue Shelter

Prior to the opening of this facility in 2007 the homeless dog population in the region was at a very high level, there were hundreds of suffering and dying animals on the streets, little treatment available and no facility for emergencies such as picking up aggressive, or rabid dogs.  Leslie, the founder of the shelter, was on a trip to Tibet and visited this area on the way, while there he found out about 1,000 dogs that were going to be destroyed as the situation had become out of control.  After several requests for help were rejected, he appealed to Derek O’Neill and the SQ Foundation, who helped him fund the start of the sanctuary.

SQ Foundation’s support continues as the need expands.  Well over 100,000 animals have been lovingly cared for and treated by the Arunachala staff and Leslie, since the Sanctuary has been built.

There are six core programs in the centre:  ABC sterilization, Anti-Rabies program, Clinic and Hospital facilities, Sanctuary and Hospice, Adoption program, and 24/7 rescue services.

The aims of the shelter are to respect and treat all types of wounded and sick animals, to provide a hospital facility for extended care, and a sanctuary for animals who cannot make it on their own.

Aside from the practical and medical help that all the animals are receiving, of great importance also, is the increasingly caring way people in the community are relating to them.  More homeless and sick animals are brought to the clinic for treatment by local citizens, and calls for emergency services has increased as their concern and compassion has increased.

Leslie is looking to expand the facility as the number of animals needing treatment and long term care has increased over the years since he started.  He is open to any and all extra donations you would like to give to the Arunachala Animal Sanctuary.  Please contact him thru the website mentioned below if you would like to contribute more directly to his expansion.

The only way to truly uplift the lives of the homeless creatures is to transform the relationship they have with the humans they live with…and, as we become more caring and nurturing, our lives are changed as well.