Braveheart Children’s Trust

BraveHeart Children’s Trust is a Scottish charity that was formed in 1996. It is committed to fulfilling the dreams and wishes of children who are terminally ill, chronically sick, disabled or disadvantaged in some way. The Trust seeks to bring some joy into the sometimes shortened lives of many of these children and provide them with a distraction from the daily grind of treatments and therapies.

Many children and their families struggle every day to deal with illness and disability. When a child is receiving long term medical care or has intense care needs provided at home, it can put a huge strain on the entire family. BraveHeart aims to provide a little bit of respite by offering to grant a wish to children in such circumstances.

To date, BraveHeart has fulfilled 13 wishes with the funds donated from SQ Foundation. Some of these wishes include supplying laptops and i-Pads to young people with cancer and leukemia, an adapted tricycle for a 6 year old autistic girl, and more.

In addition to purchased items, wishes may also include meeting a hero or having a much needed holiday. The overall goal of the project is to bring joy and happiness to children and their families, who struggle on a daily basis to cope with challenging life circumstances.

Many people in the local community get involved in a variety of fundraising events and, depending on the wishes requested, may also get directly involved in granting a wish. Since its launch in 1996, Braveheart has been able to grant the wishes of an average of 20 children per month and the total number to date stands at 1500.