Giri – Ambulance Services/Food Runs

SQ Foundation recognized that in the areas surrounding Puttaparthi there are many poor and impoverished people who struggle with the essential needs of food, warmth and hygiene. This project aims to provide basic supplies to a number of villages to assist those who suffer from the drought conditions that have caused food shortages, and to supply the funds needed for medical care, blankets and basic hygienic requirements.

The main challenge is to supply enough food to meet the needs of every family that needs it. Around 10 villages are supported and supplies are delivered to each village about once a month. At the same time we make other services available, including providing transport to the doctor or the hospital. We also offer additional help to the elderly in the villages, as many of their families can no longer care for them.

Our ambulance service is provided for people who would otherwise have to take a rickshaw to get medical help or receive important emergency medical treatment during their transport to the hospital.

Derek O’Neill bought the first ambulance for this purpose several years ago and SQ Foundation purchased a second ambulance more recently in order to meet the needs of these communities. Now the sick can be safely transported to hospitals and clinics to get important emergency care.

The project also aims to help those who have just left the hospital and need warmth and a hygienic environment to help them to heal in comfort. The overall goal is to improve the health and well-being of poor families in the villages around Puttaparthi by providing families in those rural areas with the basic requirements, and more importantly, to let them know that there are people who care.