Mangalakara – Empower A Child Campaign

The SQ Foundation donated the money to help build Mangalakara School and Home for Underprivileged Children several years ago and continues to support it and the needs of the children. During his tour of the USA in 2014, Derek O’Neill shared with those attending his workshops about a call he received from the Director of the school asking for help to rescue 50 children who were severely destitute and living under a bridge, because one or both parents were dead. These children were being subjected to daily physical and sexual abuse.

Derek appealed to the people attending the workshop asking if they could donate the cost of one year of sponsorship for each child. For a donation of $500, they could cover the cost of their living at Mangalakara School and Home which afforded them food, medicine, clothes, education and books for one year. People were so overwhelmed hearing the story about the children that the amounts received actually made it possible for SQ Foundation to sponsor 100 children through the program we call “Empower A Child”.

SQ Foundation made a commitment to the school that they would continue to sponsor these 100 children who are now living at Mangalakara’s School and Home as permanent residents until they graduate at the age of eighteen. Empower A Child has become a yearly campaign, as we continue to offer this support to the children, asking the original contributors to maintain their sponsorship. We are also appealing to others to help with these contributions, and support our continued commitment to these destitute children.