Mangalakara – Linda Prema Hall

Mangalakara needed a multi-purpose hall that would provide space for many collective activities. This space would serve as a gathering place and be at the heart of the Mangalakara community.

SQ Foundation funded the construction, and named it the ‘Linda Prema Hall’. The new multi-purpose structure serves as a dining hall, a space for singing Bhajans, as well as for various cultural events, drama programs and an exam hall. Mangalakara School encourages the children’s love for singing, dancing and drama as it gives them much needed confidence that they often lack when they first arrive at the home. The Linda Prema Hall also serves as a sacred place where the children are encouraged to cultivate the spirit of gratitude and service, as well as a place for celebration.

The provision of the Linda Prema Hall forms a central part of life for all the children that attend Mangalakara. Being able to sit together in silence, study, perform and celebrate together helps to make this a special community of children who are connected by their shared experiences. Having the space to develop a sense of community helps everyone to develop meaningful relationships, learn consideration and adopt an attitude of service to each other. All these experiences will serve the children well in their future lives.

We have received many wonderful videos of the children as they perform song and dance, meet with Father Christmas, or gather for exams. Their laughter and joy at being together is a beautiful legacy and gift to its namesake, Linda O’Neill, who wanted so much for the children to have the chance at a better life through education and the gift of a safe home filled with love, laughter and lots of brothers and sisters to enjoy it with.