Mangalakara – Water Storage Tank

Mangalakara School is situated in an arid and rocky area that faces regular drought. All their water has to be pumped in with electricity. The area regularly deals with two to three long power cuts per day which made it very difficult to keep an adequate supply of water available in the small water tanks that were in place.

SQ Foundation built a new storage tank which now provides enough water supply for one day. The advantage of this type of storage is that the Government grants three hours of free electricity during the night, producing a large financial saving of nearly $300 per month on electricity costs. These savings make a significant impact on the home’s monthly budget.

Now with adequate water being supplied for the needs of Mangalakara Children’s Home & Education Center, it is possible to insure that essential water is readily available for the children’s use, overcoming the problems of interrupted power supply which, in the past, resulted in not being able to pump water up from the existing bore-well. This also makes for increased monthly savings on electricity costs. The Center is now better able to control water usage and spillage, and to provide a safe and healthy environment for the children and staff.

Putting this infrastructure in place to handle the ongoing water needs for the home ensures that the children’s health and well-being are protected, even during the worst of the droughts. It is also exciting to know that now the money being saved can be put toward the children’s educational needs instead.