Variety Club Ireland – Liberty Swings

The Variety Club is a voluntary organization that helps sick, disabled and disadvantaged children in Ireland. Founded in 1952, it helps to make a real difference to children’s lives by providing electric wheelchairs, outings to exciting places, equipment for children’s hospitals and many other provisions.

In 2012, the SQ Foundation made a commitment to the Variety Club, to install ten Liberty Swings in playgrounds throughout Ireland. So far we have installed eight of them in several counties in Ireland. They are a huge success with children, adults and their caregivers.

The Liberty Swing is a revolutionary new concept in playground swing equipment for people with disabilities. The swing enables children in wheelchairs to enjoy the fun and recreation of swinging and experience a sense of movement and freedom they otherwise would not be able to have.

Allowing children confined to a wheelchair to go to a playground and enjoy the same activities as children without disabilities helps break down barriers and opens communication through sharing the enjoyment of a similar experience.

Shown here are three of the ten swings to be donated by Derek O’Neill and the SQ Foundation for the Variety Club Children’s Charity in Ireland. These are located in Sligo, Wexford and Baldoyle.