RLDS & Adult Literacy Project

SQ Foundation has received an exciting update from The Rural Life Development Society in Odisha India!! The RLDS has been working diligently to serve the most vulnerable and under privileged in this area. SQ Foundation began to support their Vulnerable Children’s Welfare Project in June 2015. Through our support, 150 children now are receiving nourishment, health care and education. These children had no hope, and each day was a struggle to stay alive. This program provides rays of hope and gives the children their opportunity to break the dark cycle of poverty.

Recently, all of the children in the school were given their annual examination and all of them passed successfully! 11 out of the 150 children passed their 7th Standard Exam, the highest level in the project.

RLDS has also initiated the Adult Literacy Project. This will serve people in 15 villages for 450 identified illiterate men and women in Gajapati District of Odisha.

SQ Foundation is thankful for your support so that we may continue to assist in projects such as this one.

RLDS group

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