School in Odisha, India

We heard from the Director of a project we support in a very rural area of Odisha, India. The SQ Foundation supports 150 children there in a school, this man started to educate children in these outlying areas where no school is provided.

He goes to these remote areas every week to find more children in the villages to help. He just sent an email and said that a few days ago 17 children died of malnutrition. They forage in the forest for food but because of the severe drought conditions for the last five years in India, the food sources are drying up. The pregnant women do not have enough to eat, only a little rice with salt. As a result, the children being born there and the ones living there, are dying of malnutrition.

For only $108 per year you can feed and educate a child in this rural area of Odisha – that’s just $9 per month, or .30 cents per day to save a child’s life!
It seems so little yet means so much.

Education does not stop with the child, they return to help family & friends.

“This charity with very little makes big change”
Derek O’Neill’s statement about the SQ Foundation

school in Odisha, India

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