The Gift of Vision Eye Care for Remote Regions In India

LUV On The Road

LINDA UNIVERSAL VISION VAN In the areas surrounding Puttaparthi, Andhra Pradesh, India, there are many poor people with no access to vision care. With so many people in need, it was impractical to transport them by ambulance.    Founder Linda O’Neill had a vision of a mobile van that could go to them.  With the help of a dedicated and caring local man, Girikonda, SQ Foundation provided the means to equip the ‘LUV’ van (Linda Universal Vision Van) – an ambulance that travels to remote schools and outlying villages to bring much needed eye care including testing, medication and glasses to those in need.

With your help, in 2017, the LUV van reached 22 schools and 4 villages.

Eyes Examined: 8,000 Children & 1,400 Adults

Glasses Provided: 950 Children & 410 Adults

Blood, Hemoglobin & Diabetic Testing: 7,500 Children; 3,600 Girls; 1,150 Adults  

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Envisioning A Whole New World

One Person Can Make a Difference

In impoverished areas, not being able to see can impair day to day functions, and prevent children from getting a proper education. Girikonda’s love and dedication to his people was so great, he even went back to school to become an ophthalmologist. With your support, we can continue to serve those in need with eye care, glasses and necessary medical treatment.

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