The Kids Who Care Club

SQ Foundation would like to express our deepest gratitude to the children of The Kids Who Care Club. The Kids Who Care Club is a special part of The Children’s House programs, a Montessori school for young children in New Jersey. This video is of their water project fundraiser at the annual holiday sing-a-long last December, 2015. The Kids Who Care Club sent the proceeds of the fundraiser to #SQFoundation for #RainforestFlow. They are doing another fundraiser this year at the holiday sing-a-long. Enjoy the video and thank you to The Kids Who Care Club!
Derek O’Neill #TheKidsWhoCareClub

Letter from Mrs. Mendelson, Music Teacher at The Children’s House:

Looking forward to our 2nd fundraiser by the “Kids Who Care Club” who will take out a table @ our annual holiday sing a long celebration & sell chocolate bark.
Molly Magier (head teacher of the Kids Who Care Club) will be teaching the children about “using their incredible luck to help those less fortunate and the power children have to make a tangible change, like access to clean water.”
Donations received are sent to #SQFoundation dedicated to being of service to humanitarian projects worldwide. Our project choice is #RainforestFlow (providing clean water & sanitation systems to children in Peru)

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