Wheels of Love Fundraiser

Wheels of Love: Supporting Children with Special Needs

Over the past 11 years, SQ Foundation has partnered with FIDA (Friendship for Integrated Development) to support more than +1000 children in Ethiopia. We are currently providing, education, clothing, medical supplies, and community development programs for more than 300 children and 150 women. 

In the poverty-stricken areas of Ethiopia, families and single mothers struggle to provide food, shelter, and education for their children. In many cases, those with special needs children face additional challenges to get healthcare, equipment, and education for their children. 

Thanks to FIDA, we are providing 50 children that have challenges or delays in their physical and intellectual development, with education, food, and assistance getting to school and their healthcare appointments.

We Did It! We Reached 100% of Our Goal!

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FIDA has been using an old 1984 Toyota that it is no longer safe for transport and a rental can cost up to $25 US a day. In these rural villages, the roads are rough and they need a vehicle that can accommodate children with medical equipment and wheelchairs.

We Did It! We Raised Funds for The
‘Wheels Of Love’ Van